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Hufcor wins "Best for Operable Walls - USA"

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Oct 31, 2016 9:48:22 AM

The 2016 Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine have been put in place to highlight the amazing work done by the talented designers, artists and visionaries whose talent and innovation have created talking points that will span generations. Hufcor, a global manufacturer dedicated to innovation and flexible space solutions is proud to announce that they have been awarded dual honors for Best for Operable Walls - USA & BUILD Product Innovation Award: FlexTact™.


The safety of police, firefighters and their respective communities depends on the preparation and training prior to meeting with dangerous field situations. Often expensive and time-consuming, training can be burdensome when staff and departments are sent to off-site locations to receive training scenarios. Hufcor’s FlexTact situational training system is an affordable way to design a multi-purpose training center.

“Drawing on the design of Hufcor’s standard products, our Engineering and Sales teams applied minor modifications to meet individualized customer needs”, explains Scott Staedter, FlexTact concept design and ongoing consultant. “Using new vertical bulb seals and pass door latching mechanisms, the system can also encompass our flagship Unispan overhead support system, perfect for retrofitting an existing facility.”

Click to see Hufcor's FlexTact system in action:

Reconfiguring entire room floor plans within 20 – 30 minutes, instructors and teams can set up simulated room floor plans including hotels, residential buildings and school classrooms. Working within one layout, trainees can then reset the building to reflect a different configuration while instructors review an exercise. This flexibility enhances the training experience, with overhead tracks allowing trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and training scenarios. “The FlexTact system helps to create real-life scenarios by simply resetting the panels. This system comes as close to reality as any situational training I have experienced and trained in”, says Training Officer/ PFC Keith Holmes, Ft. Pierce, FL Police Department.

“Hufcor’s FlexTact system also improves our firefighter and rescue training sessions tenfold by allowing quick and easy configurations”, says Ron Privett, Assist Chief, Fort Wayne Fire Department. “Trainees no longer memorize their rescue routes, and every exercise is different.”

More from Hufcor:

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting our public safety heroes and the communities they serve, the innovation, expandability, and versatility of Hufcor’s FlexTact system helps with thoughtful, intelligent training. Safer approaches to public safety ultimately saves time, money, - and most importantly - people’s lives. Connect with Hufcor for our innovative designs and wide range of flexible space solutions for all your needs.


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Is your venue ready for the "Big Game"?

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jun 8, 2016 11:42:09 AM


Are you ready?

In the next 7 months, nearly 3,000 new hotel rooms will be added in downtown Houston alone, adding to the 5,000 existing rooms already in the downtown area. The numbers are in - and a grand total of $3.5 billion, including $1.5 billion into the main epicenter has been invested into infrastructure and development for the "Big Game" this upcoming February.

Capitalizing on a major sporting event is important, because all eyes will be on the city (and your venue!) In a 2015 poll of the top conference and convention cities in the United States, Texas came out on top, with top meeting and events cities including San Antonio (#1), Austin (#6) and Houston (#13).

For a limited time only, Texas-area hotel managers and property owners can click here to book a no-obligation airwall inspection for your venue!


More hotel and hospitality articles from Hufcor: 

Build ongoing maintenance relationships. 

Routine maintenance of equipment and flexible spaces are especially important for facilities that depend on revenues from their meeting rooms, ballrooms, and banquet rooms.

When you have a Maintenance Agreement with Hufcor, you get routine maintenance scheduled when it is convenient for your facility, regardless of the season or time - all with the service, support, and expertise of the largest and most-installed operable wall manufacturer in the world. Your Hufcor representative will be happy to discuss the benefits and costs of a maintenance agreement with you - and to help you find a service schedule that works well with your property, guests, and staff.

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Hufcor, Inc. anuncia su más reciente distribuidor - Caché Interiores

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 31, 2016 3:04:10 PM



Hufcor, Inc., líder mundial como marca especializada de muros operables instalados y en la solución de flexibilidad de espacios, anuncia su más reciente distribuidor. Caché Interiores, ubicado en la zona de San Pedro Garza García en Nuevo León, México es el distribuidor para los productos y servicios Hufcor en México.

Debido a que la demanda de nuestros productos innovadores, los cuales han sido premiados en categorías de soluciones para flexibilidad de espacios, se incrementa, es vital que trabajemos en conjunto con socios dentro de la industria que puedan proveer herramientas técnicas, de diseño y de construcción para arquitectos, contratistas y dueños particulares. “Con más de 25 años de experiencia en el ramo de diseño interior y acabados arquitectónicos, Caché es el aliado ideal para la distribución de nuestra marca al ofrecer ventas y apoyo directo en obra, expandiendo el alcance de nuestros productos y servicios,” Dave Hewitt, VP de Ventas para Hufcor. “Caché Interiores es una adición bienvenida a nuestra red de ventas y esperamos con mucho interés trabajar con ellos.”

Hufcos es el proveedor número uno en productos para la flexibilidad de espacios incluyendo:

  • Muros operables

  • Sistemas de muros con vidrio acústico

  • Sistemas de muros de vidrio con marco de madera y sin marco

  • Sistemas de muros con apertura vertical y sistemas de puertas tipo acordeón

  • Sistemas de entrenamiento táctico para agencias militares o de protección civil


El sitio web para Hufcor México ha sido rediseñado y habilitado para su comodidad y uso. El representante de Hufcor, Silvia Salazar y su equipo en Caché Interiores está listo para ayudarle con la planeación de propuestas para las necesidades específicas de su proyecto.

Cache Interiores

Av Manuel Gomez Morin Esquina Río Colorado 489, Del Valle, 66220

San Pedro Garza García, N.L., Mexico 

Phone: +52 81 8173 2500



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Proper maintenance plans vital for flexible spaces and venues

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 9, 2016 2:15:08 PM

Your movable wall system is probably the largest piece of mechanical equipment on your property, venue, or restaurant. As with anything on your property, whether kitchen equipment, IT and technology, or furniture, it’s always cheaper to avoid repairs by keeping things properly maintained. Operable wall systems (also known as airwalls) are no different - and our Hufcor team of engineers, service techs, and distributors form a leading network of professionals.

Even though our operable walls go through hundreds of miles of real-life, rigourous testing, like all mechanical devices things need to be tightened, aligned, lubricated and cleaned. Periodic airwall inspections will help protect the investment you’ve made, and will keep your customers, guests and venue staff happy. Hufcor offers complete preventive maintenance and inspection services as well as lubrication, adjustment, and repair that will save you and your organzation money, not to mention lost bookings and downtime. Our technicians also offer operator and venue-specific training for your service staff. 

Your local Hufcor distributor can repair and mantain all types of installed walls and airwall systems, including those of our competitors. We offer maintenance agreements for venues and hotels to suit the needs and budgets of every type and size of facility.


Service is key!

In most cases, preventative maintenance agreements and regular facility maintenance visits end up being more cost-effective and time-saving than emergency or last minute repairs.


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The Future of Hotel Design?

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 9, 2016 2:08:57 PM

New hotel and resort trends:  Pleasure, sustainability and technology



Customer’s tastes are changing at an accelerated pace. In today’s sophisticated hotel & resort communities, a much wider array of features and amenities is required to satisfy the demands of discerning guests.

As hotels & resorts around the world have introduced meeting spaces and conference/banquet centers among their services, they have seen a significant increase in business and margins. The combination of a professional meeting space, corporate conference facility and ballroom enables a resort to become a multi-seasonal, multi-use destination that appeals to many types of groups. Many hotels are adding informal "break-out" meeting spaces, lobby gathering areas, and restaurants complete with indoor/outdoor views and garden areas.


Technology: In addition, guests are engulfed with changing technology in their day to day lives. They expect to find the same high-tech services when they travel, whether for business or pleasure.

For these reasons, the design of hotel spaces and conference facilities in a hotel is very important. The hotel and banquet facility designer must have a clear vision of the technical side of the equipment to be offered as well as the intrinsic experience expectations of the guest and group using the space.

The design of a corporate training facility or meeting space incorporates the functional and asthetic aspect of the facility. The environment must be soothing and relaxing, free of distractions and noise, leaving the guest with an unforgettable experience.


Sustainability: Hotels are, more than ever, establishing a strong identity with their surroundings. Environmental responsibility is embraced by many, making it important to combine full sustainability and compatibility with the natural surroundings. In consideration of that movement, many hotels have been designed with respect to the terrain by using local materials which reflect the sense of color and texture of the area. The use of environmentally friendly technologies is part of this new architectural language: solar and photovoltaic installations, fixtures that reduce heat loss and renovations that are completed with recycled materials. 

The hospitality market needs to embrace a sustainable solution that fits the frequent design changes, strict timelines and tight budgets necessary to present a fresh look to guests, without the inconvenience of lengthy and disruptive construction. Adaptive reuse, (or creating something new by using existing resources) is an emerging trend in hospitality renovations. Hufcor is leading the charge, providing hotel owners and property managers with options to salvage existing design elements and materials – such as ceilings, columns, doors and operable walls. When giving operable walls, acoustic panels and movable wall solutions new life, Hufcor can use micro-thin architectural overlays and laminates from a variety of manufacturers, including Toppan, Belbian, LG, WilsonArt, and more. These finish options impart the look and feel of natural surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of new materials. 

With hotels and hospitality brands frequently refreshing locations and properties, hotels, restaurants and casinos need solutions that are quick, non-disruptive and economical. There is certainly a look to fit every brand - and Hufcor, a leader in operable wall service, design, and manufacture has an excellent nationwide service and renovation team that can assist in a renovation plan that fits both your timeline and budget. 

Aesthetics and creativity for designers. Durability for clients and users. Flexibility of application.  Standard on nearly all of Hufcor's product lines, these are industry-leading benefits of the new laminates and choices introduced by Hufcor. For samples, please visit Hufcor's "Finishes" webpage or contact your local distributor.


Build an ongoing maintenance relationship. 

Hufcor offers complete local services that are available to assist your hotel and convention staff. All movable equipment needs routine maintenance to extend its life and keep it operating smoothly, and routine maintenance from Hufcor's authorized local service technicians is highly recommended to preserve your investment and to ensure years of hassle-free operation. This is especially important for facilities that depend on revenues from their meeting rooms, ballrooms, and banquet rooms.

When you have a Maintenance Agreement, routine maintenance can be scheduled when it is convenient for your facility. Regular checkups can prevent serious problems from developing and causing untimely emergency repairs. Your Hufcor representative will be happy to discuss the benefits and costs of a maintenance agreement with you.


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Visualize Hidden Value with Hufcor Glasswall Systems for Retail, Airports

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 2, 2016 11:43:31 AM


hufcor glasswall projects As passenger and concession needs change along with architectural design, major airports such as Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco and others are turning to the leader in glasswall retail - Hufcor, Inc.

With over 70 installations complete in DFW alone, airports trust Hufcor with redesign of retail spaces and concessionaire areas. WIth benefits such as selling while closed including increased visibility and merchandising, Hufcor's glasswall retail systems help meet airport retail goals and meet the needs of discerning passengers. 

Keep your eye out for Hufcor's cutting-edge retail installations and retail projects the next time you fly!


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Hufcor Products Now on Sweets App for Revit

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Apr 5, 2016 1:24:45 AM

 Here at Hufcor, we are embracing the ever-growing trend of digital technology and mobile applications. Keeping up with cutting-edge technology and design, our company has signed on to include its products in Sweets, the interactive building product database that reaches hundreds of thousands of design professionals through its website and workflow integration solutions. Whether at planning meetings, out on the job site, or after hours while working on designs and drafts, architects and industry professionals now have access to thousands of brands and construction products, all at their fingertips - as close as their nearest digital device.original_a747f69e-5604-462b-9321-debbd9ce0004_.png

With the recent launch of the Sweets App for Revit®, Hufcor’s entire line of flexible space solutions including operable walls, acoustic glass glass walls and vertical lift systems will now be available within the design professionals’ workflow. As the leading building product source for AEC professionals (Architects, Engineers and Contractors), Sweets provides comprehensive product info­rmation, CAD, BIM, specs, CEUs and more. And now with the Sweets App for Revit®, design professionals can easily annotate and tag Hufcor’s product information within their projects, by utilizing the Sweets ProductTAG.

 “Dodge Data & Analytics and Global Product Data LLC is an excellent partnership as seen with their new Sweets App for Revit®. The ability to seamlessly work with Hufcor’s flexible space wall assemblies is critical for early stage design. Our goal at Hufcor is to minimize the workload and errors for our customers and this app allows them to simplify their product selections”, said Mike Kontranowski, VP of Marketing at Hufcor, Inc. The Sweets App for Revit® is the first app created through Dodge Data & Analytics’ partnership with Global Product Data LLC. The app is available for download in the Autodesk App Store or at, and an AutoCAD version will be released in the coming months.

For more information on how Hufcor operable walls, glasswalls, and flexible space solutions can be accessed online and through your favorite digital device, click below.


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Venues should prepare for Active Shooter situations

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Nov 13, 2014 11:00:00 AM

At a recent Florida Facilities Managers Association meeting, two of Hufcor's very different market segments crossed paths about a tragic subject: active shooters. Now you may wonder why Hufcor is keanly associated with the subject of active shooters and why venue managers should be looking into this type of training. That's simple. For the past decade, Hufcor has supplied our specially designed FlexTact movable wall systems to law enforcement and military training facilities that assist in reconfigurable live-fire, scenario-based training. Thousands of law enforcement first responders and SWAT units have trained inside FlexTact training systems at academies, private facilities and individual departments. The US Air Force and National Guard train within Hufcor FlexTact facilities to learn the techniques for force-on-force, search & rescue and active shooter situations.


The recent article in Venues Today outines the opinion of Miami PD officer, Marcos Perez. Offier Perez is a member of "Operation: B.A.T." (Businesses Against Terrorism) and his message is clear; most active shooter incidents last an average of 12 minutes and, as such, venue staff need to be trained in first responder techniques as the first line of defense. Lots of bad (and good) can happen waiting for trained law enforcement and SWAT teams to arrive on scene.The above facility is located in Coral Springs, Florida, just outside Miami and is used by many area law enforcement first responders for training. Click here to read the full article.


Hufcor advocates that venue managers review Officer Perez's recommendations as has the staff at the American Airlines Arena. As members of the International Association of Venue Manager (IAVM), Hufcor encourages organizations to take steps to set up training programs with the assistance from professional academies like Indian River State College (Fort Pierce, FL), Wake Tech College (Raleigh, NC), or Schoolcraft College (Livonia, MI). IAVM could be a catalyst in creating some online training programs where even simple active shooter safety procedures could be demonstrated, filmed and distributed to members. Venue security should reach out to law enforcement organizations like the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to learn of other training programs available to them locally.

Local collaboration is the key to successful response. Venue security staff should be trained in immediate active shooter response techniques, practice mass evacuation routes and train side-by-side with local law enforcement to set up proper response techniques designed for the specifc venue. Sport venues and events are known targets for internal US terrorist attacks. The bombing at the 2013 Boston Marathon is a horrific example. A 2008 paper published in The Smart Journal, "Sport Venue Security: Planning and Preparedness for Terrorist-Related Incidents," (2008. Hall,Marcini,Copper) concisely outlines the threats facing security at venues. In this paper, the authors outlined some Protecitve Measures that all venues should implement. One main one was, "conduct internal training exercises for local emergency responders.." Click here to learn more.

As a Wisconsn Badger football season ticket holder, I was impressed this summer when UW-Madison conducted "Operation Wisconsin Dawn" at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI. The simulated attack on the stadium involved more than 400 first responders and "actors" creating a scenario of many casualties and the need for cross department coordination. To learn more, click here.  Didn't we all learn this lesson in kindergarten, "practice makes perfect." Seems logical all venue security would rehearse these situations like UW-Madison first responders did this past July.


Hufcor FlexTact systems can help improve the skills of local emergency responders. If you're a security professional responsible for training, I encourage you to reach out to IAVM's Academy for Venue Safety & Security or contact Hufcor for assistance in finding a location where your teams can train within a FlexTact reconfigurable shoot house like the Nassau County Sheriff's facility in New York shown below.


Interested in learnng more, review the FlexTact system on our website.






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Hufcor glass movable walls top of class for education class rooms

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Nov 3, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Hufcor acoustic glass movable walls are becoming "top of class" for educational class rooms. The versatility of acoustic glass walls are replacing some conventional solid operable partitions with sound-stopping glass panels. The best of acoustics and daylighting all in one movable wall system.


Certainly over the past two decades the value of interior daylighting's positive effect on learning and school outcomes is well documented. So, schools looking to provide flexible learning spaces also need to make sure that these interior spaces have access to natural light.Traditional operable partitions block the light from entering adjacent rooms they divide. In walls dividing classrooms that already have full access to natural light, traditional operable partitons are a great choice. Yet, when dividing the spaces to enter interior corridors or common spaces as shown in the Princeton Middle School above, the benefits of Hufcor's acoustical glass wall systems are playing an integral role in divisible classrooms of today.


And, school designers and educational facility managers are taking notice. In the October issue of Commerical Building Products, two different acoustical glass wall projects were featured in an article about designing rooms with movable glass partitions. The article points to ANSI and Acoustical Society of America classroom acoustical design standards being adopted in many schools throughout the US. Click here to read more about how Hufcor movable glass wall panels assist in helping to achieve these classroom acoustic standards.

In addition, acoustic glass wall panels are being used for retrofit opportunities within schools more and more. To read about a project in Canada using the Hufcor acoustical glass wall panels, link here to a recent blog I wrote this summer.


Hufcor acoustic glass wall can achieve up to a 44 STC and new Ecoustic sound absorption board inserts by Unika Vaev can help to achieve up to a .040 NRC on the system.These are test reports conducted in Hufcor's own laboratory using the Ecoustic 1/2" thick recycled boards as the face finishes on our 600 Series partitions. The most recent ANSI s.11/60-2010 standards applied by the Acoustic Society of America are being adopted by many states and school districts in the US. And LEED for Schools IEQ and LEED v4 are all calling out better acoustics in classrooms to improve speech intelligibility levels critical for all learners. These standards outline higher STC levels of surrounding walls, interior room Reverberation Times (RT) of less than .60 and ambient noise levels of less than 35dB within the space. Bottom line, stop distracting noices from entering the classrooms and aborb those within the room to levels that help students hear better within their classroom. And what we're hearing from acousticians is that Hufcor acoustic glass wall with proper sound absorption and design is a perfect component to help schools achieve these vital performance standards and allow light to enter divided interior spaces at the same time.

Designing a class room in need of ths versatility? Click below to download a Revit family for the acoustic glass wall system.

Download Hufcor's GA Series Acoustical Glass Wall BIM Revit families

Hufcor movable acoustic glass wall systems may be the solution you're looking for. Contact Hufcor or your local authorized distributor today for more information.



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Shhh....Hufcor launches new 56 STC operable partitions at AIA conference

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jun 30, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Hufcor Inc. announced at the AIA conference last week an improvement to our top-end acoustical performance of the 640 Series operable partitions: 56 STC. The now industry-leading acoustics is available on our standard 640 series nominal 4-inch panel thickness using Hufcor's standard quick-set top and bottom mechanical seal systems. 

New 56 STC operable partitions from Hufcor

Click above to download the 56 STC acoustical test report. Hufcor has installed this product in places ranging from California to Saudi Arabia as a custom acoustically designed partition. Based on field acoustic performance testing with this construction, we decided to test the product within the Hufcor acoustical laboratory and provide the design community with certified test reports for the beefed up construction to achieve the laboratory 56 STC performance.

Feedback at the AIA show was positive. To assist the AEC commmunity, new specifications including the 56 STC selections are available from the Digital Architectural Products Manual or directly from Hufcor's new 56 STC operable partitions now available as a standard option. That's news we simply cannot stay quiet about anymore. 

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