Hufcor glass movable walls top of class for education class rooms

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Nov 3, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Hufcor acoustic glass movable walls are becoming "top of class" for educational class rooms. The versatility of acoustic glass walls are replacing some conventional solid operable partitions with sound-stopping glass panels. The best of acoustics and daylighting all in one movable wall system.


Certainly over the past two decades the value of interior daylighting's positive effect on learning and school outcomes is well documented. So, schools looking to provide flexible learning spaces also need to make sure that these interior spaces have access to natural light.Traditional operable partitions block the light from entering adjacent rooms they divide. In walls dividing classrooms that already have full access to natural light, traditional operable partitons are a great choice. Yet, when dividing the spaces to enter interior corridors or common spaces as shown in the Princeton Middle School above, the benefits of Hufcor's acoustical glass wall systems are playing an integral role in divisible classrooms of today.


And, school designers and educational facility managers are taking notice. In the October issue of Commerical Building Products, two different acoustical glass wall projects were featured in an article about designing rooms with movable glass partitions. The article points to ANSI and Acoustical Society of America classroom acoustical design standards being adopted in many schools throughout the US. Click here to read more about how Hufcor movable glass wall panels assist in helping to achieve these classroom acoustic standards.

In addition, acoustic glass wall panels are being used for retrofit opportunities within schools more and more. To read about a project in Canada using the Hufcor acoustical glass wall panels, link here to a recent blog I wrote this summer.


Hufcor acoustic glass wall can achieve up to a 44 STC and new Ecoustic sound absorption board inserts by Unika Vaev can help to achieve up to a .040 NRC on the system.These are test reports conducted in Hufcor's own laboratory using the Ecoustic 1/2" thick recycled boards as the face finishes on our 600 Series partitions. The most recent ANSI s.11/60-2010 standards applied by the Acoustic Society of America are being adopted by many states and school districts in the US. And LEED for Schools IEQ and LEED v4 are all calling out better acoustics in classrooms to improve speech intelligibility levels critical for all learners. These standards outline higher STC levels of surrounding walls, interior room Reverberation Times (RT) of less than .60 and ambient noise levels of less than 35dB within the space. Bottom line, stop distracting noices from entering the classrooms and aborb those within the room to levels that help students hear better within their classroom. And what we're hearing from acousticians is that Hufcor acoustic glass wall with proper sound absorption and design is a perfect component to help schools achieve these vital performance standards and allow light to enter divided interior spaces at the same time.

Designing a class room in need of ths versatility? Click below to download a Revit family for the acoustic glass wall system.

Download Hufcor's GA Series Acoustical Glass Wall BIM Revit families

Hufcor movable acoustic glass wall systems may be the solution you're looking for. Contact Hufcor or your local authorized distributor today for more information.