Hufcor launches BIM Revit content for Acoustic Glass Wall

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Apr 3, 2014 11:03:49 AM

Spodak_Dental_Movable_Glass_Partition_HufcorHufcor Inc. has launched new BIM Revit families for our GA1/GA2 Series acoustic glass wall movable partitions. These dynamic Revit families allow you to simply click and flex acoustically-rated glass wall partitions into your projects. These Hufcor Revit families will automatically calculate and display storage closet minimum dimensions, specifically based on your partition opening sizes and options chosen, including pocket doors. If you need to make a change to the number of panels or ceiling height, the Hufcor Revit families will automatically adjust within manufacturing limits, without the need to download other separate families.

GA-Revit_illustrationHufcor new GA1/GA2 Series BIM Revit families can adjust minimum clearance dimensions to account for accessories like pivot access doors and hardware. In addition, the families allow you to select bottom seal types – either sweeps or mechanical – and automatically calculates manufacturing limitations with each.


To view a short demonstration by Hufcor's BIM Designer, Craig Gibeaut, watch this short video for the highlights of the new acoustic glass wall content.


The Revit families are designed to be 1MB or less for utmost functionality. The Hufcor Revit file sizes are small compared to other available content and easier to work within your overall models. Also, the Hufcor Revit families are designed with manufacturing limits built in so to reduce “breaking” while placing your Hufcor partition objects. For example, if you choose a GA2 Series paired acoustical glass panel system, yet enter an opening height greater than the manufacturing limit, the Hufcor intuitive Revit family will limit the actual height of the family. 


Hufcor's Revit families include all of the available track options for both paired and omni-directional stacking configurations, including Hufcor's patented Unipsan self-supporting track system. To learn more about the benefits of the Unispan system, click here.

The Revit objects are easy to add accessories like window tinting or graphics. And, frame color selections are embedded within the selections to help render the most realistic models.

Click here to sign up to get the new BIM Revit families emailed directly from Hufcor. The download will contain a Read-Me file with detailed instructions and a Configurations Matrix that helps you determine the best panel type and stacking configuration for your project.

Please note, for users outside the United States, the Hufcor acoustic glass wall products and new Revit families may not be available or have different Series numbers. To contact the local representative and quality Hufcor products manufactured in your region, please click here.

Looking for easy to use BIM content for your next project using movable glass wall systems, look to Hufcor's new acoustic glass wall Revit content.