Proper maintenance plans vital for flexible spaces and venues

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 9, 2016 2:15:08 PM

Your movable wall system is probably the largest piece of mechanical equipment on your property, venue, or restaurant. As with anything on your property, whether kitchen equipment, IT and technology, or furniture, it’s always cheaper to avoid repairs by keeping things properly maintained. Operable wall systems (also known as airwalls) are no different - and our Hufcor team of engineers, service techs, and distributors form a leading network of professionals.

Even though our operable walls go through hundreds of miles of real-life, rigourous testing, like all mechanical devices things need to be tightened, aligned, lubricated and cleaned. Periodic airwall inspections will help protect the investment you’ve made, and will keep your customers, guests and venue staff happy. Hufcor offers complete preventive maintenance and inspection services as well as lubrication, adjustment, and repair that will save you and your organzation money, not to mention lost bookings and downtime. Our technicians also offer operator and venue-specific training for your service staff. 

Your local Hufcor distributor can repair and mantain all types of installed walls and airwall systems, including those of our competitors. We offer maintenance agreements for venues and hotels to suit the needs and budgets of every type and size of facility.


Service is key!

In most cases, preventative maintenance agreements and regular facility maintenance visits end up being more cost-effective and time-saving than emergency or last minute repairs.


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