Hufcor wins "Best for Operable Walls - USA"

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Oct 31, 2016 9:48:22 AM

The 2016 Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine have been put in place to highlight the amazing work done by the talented designers, artists and visionaries whose talent and innovation have created talking points that will span generations. Hufcor, a global manufacturer dedicated to innovation and flexible space solutions is proud to announce that they have been awarded dual honors for Best for Operable Walls - USA & BUILD Product Innovation Award: FlexTact™.


The safety of police, firefighters and their respective communities depends on the preparation and training prior to meeting with dangerous field situations. Often expensive and time-consuming, training can be burdensome when staff and departments are sent to off-site locations to receive training scenarios. Hufcor’s FlexTact situational training system is an affordable way to design a multi-purpose training center.

“Drawing on the design of Hufcor’s standard products, our Engineering and Sales teams applied minor modifications to meet individualized customer needs”, explains Scott Staedter, FlexTact concept design and ongoing consultant. “Using new vertical bulb seals and pass door latching mechanisms, the system can also encompass our flagship Unispan overhead support system, perfect for retrofitting an existing facility.”

Click to see Hufcor's FlexTact system in action:

Reconfiguring entire room floor plans within 20 – 30 minutes, instructors and teams can set up simulated room floor plans including hotels, residential buildings and school classrooms. Working within one layout, trainees can then reset the building to reflect a different configuration while instructors review an exercise. This flexibility enhances the training experience, with overhead tracks allowing trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and training scenarios. “The FlexTact system helps to create real-life scenarios by simply resetting the panels. This system comes as close to reality as any situational training I have experienced and trained in”, says Training Officer/ PFC Keith Holmes, Ft. Pierce, FL Police Department.

“Hufcor’s FlexTact system also improves our firefighter and rescue training sessions tenfold by allowing quick and easy configurations”, says Ron Privett, Assist Chief, Fort Wayne Fire Department. “Trainees no longer memorize their rescue routes, and every exercise is different.”

More from Hufcor:

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting our public safety heroes and the communities they serve, the innovation, expandability, and versatility of Hufcor’s FlexTact system helps with thoughtful, intelligent training. Safer approaches to public safety ultimately saves time, money, - and most importantly - people’s lives. Connect with Hufcor for our innovative designs and wide range of flexible space solutions for all your needs.


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Proper maintenance plans vital for flexible spaces and venues

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 9, 2016 2:15:08 PM

Your movable wall system is probably the largest piece of mechanical equipment on your property, venue, or restaurant. As with anything on your property, whether kitchen equipment, IT and technology, or furniture, it’s always cheaper to avoid repairs by keeping things properly maintained. Operable wall systems (also known as airwalls) are no different - and our Hufcor team of engineers, service techs, and distributors form a leading network of professionals.

Even though our operable walls go through hundreds of miles of real-life, rigourous testing, like all mechanical devices things need to be tightened, aligned, lubricated and cleaned. Periodic airwall inspections will help protect the investment you’ve made, and will keep your customers, guests and venue staff happy. Hufcor offers complete preventive maintenance and inspection services as well as lubrication, adjustment, and repair that will save you and your organzation money, not to mention lost bookings and downtime. Our technicians also offer operator and venue-specific training for your service staff. 

Your local Hufcor distributor can repair and mantain all types of installed walls and airwall systems, including those of our competitors. We offer maintenance agreements for venues and hotels to suit the needs and budgets of every type and size of facility.


Service is key!

In most cases, preventative maintenance agreements and regular facility maintenance visits end up being more cost-effective and time-saving than emergency or last minute repairs.


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Visualize Hidden Value with Hufcor Glasswall Systems for Retail, Airports

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on May 2, 2016 11:43:31 AM


hufcor glasswall projects As passenger and concession needs change along with architectural design, major airports such as Dallas-Fort Worth, San Francisco and others are turning to the leader in glasswall retail - Hufcor, Inc.

With over 70 installations complete in DFW alone, airports trust Hufcor with redesign of retail spaces and concessionaire areas. WIth benefits such as selling while closed including increased visibility and merchandising, Hufcor's glasswall retail systems help meet airport retail goals and meet the needs of discerning passengers. 

Keep your eye out for Hufcor's cutting-edge retail installations and retail projects the next time you fly!


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A Hufcor Project Serves as Model for Weather-Impacted Areas.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Dec 3, 2013 8:30:00 AM

The reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina may provide guidence for Sandy-impacted and other regions hit by recent devastating storms. Earlier this month, I read an article in Today's Facility Manager, "The Calm Before the Storm," about how facilities can become more resilient and recover more swiftly from the disastrous impacts of severe weather events in the future. The article outlines how teams of experts have created many specific recommendations for critical facilities planning. These are all very important reports and recommendations when managing "critical" facilities defined as hospitals, police and fire stations, data centers, evacuation shelters, and buildings, or portions of buildings that provide essential support to them.

I also contend that "non-critical" businesses should evaluate their own "critical" systems and prepare for resiliency. I was reminded again about how efforts taken by a long-time customer in Biloxi, MS could be used as a model for future planning your own businesses critical systems, especially those that consider operable partitions as business critical - convention centers, hotels and multi-purpose facilities.


Many of our customers have been afftected by the floods and hurricanes of these two regions and as the businesses in New Jersey, New York and others continue to rebuild, I believe they could learn from the post-Katrina rebuilding that Hufcor did with some customers like the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center in Biloxi, MS (shown above days after Katrina.) Hufcor provided a fast, customized solution for the 400,000 sq. ft. facility to rebuild after Katrina flooding that would help eliminate or minimize damage from future storms to the operable partitions installed in the facility. In this case, like all convention centers, the movable walls are "critical" to the facility.

Hufcor designed and installed unique replacement walls at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center (MCCC) in Biloxi after Katrina's storm surge forced about six feet of water throughout the lower level of the nearly half-million square foot facility. All 650+ of the operable partition panels within this section of the building had to be discarded and replaced due to massive water infiltration and the extent the panels sat submerged in flood waters. The panels were flooded up to the 6' level, yet the top portion of the panels were not affected by the storm. So more than two-thirds of the panels were simply tossed into landfills even though they were potentially unphased by the effects of Katrina.

Hufcor operable partitions at Mississippi Coast Convention Center

Hufcor believes some simple planning and product precautions need to be taken against future moisture damage to operable walls, and that such precautions are inexpensive and have been developed already because of Katrina. Much of the reason standard operable partitions need to be replaced after a water penetrating event, such as a flood, is due to the moisture that penetrates into the gypsum and mineral wool acoustical barriers inside the panel. These substrates become a breeding ground for mold and mildew and must be replaced.

Custom designed Operable Partition at Convention Center

To guard against this, Hufcor supplied MCCC a construction that increased the thickness of the steel face skin to maintain the acoustical properties of the wall system and eliminated the acoustical backers that absorb moisture. Other noteworthy features Hufcor applied to MCCC replacement panels and offers advise for facilities along the eastern shore areas affected by super storm Sandy:

1. The thicker steel faces were pre-painted, providing an extra layer of protection against moisture and potential rusting.

2. Bottom seal mechanisms were plated with specialized zinc, and carriers were made with stainless steel, rendering both components water resistant.

3. The panels were factory finished with high performance woven fabrics that have infused antimicrobial elements to fight mold and bacteria. In addition, these finishes are highly abrasion resistent and made with high levels of pre-consumer recyled materials.

4. For panel constructions over 16’ tall in low lying flood or storm surge regions, install a two-piece panel so in the event the facility sustains flooding, the lower portion of the panel can be removed and retrofitted lowering the costs involved with replacing the entire panel.

5. The unique aspect of MCCC’s replacement walls is that the bottom eight feet contains bagged insulation held inside protective bags, sealing the insulation from penetrating moisture. The bagged insulation could potentially be resistent to a smaller flood and "protect" the panels from replacement.

Mississippi Coast Convention Center installed with Hufcor partitions

After Hurricane Katrina had pummeled the Gulf Coast, our distributor and engineering teams swept in to assist with the replacement of 689 flood-damaged wall systems–all the while working within guidelines established by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) concerning mitigation. Hufcor then provided 186 additional state-of-the-art movable walls for its second phase of new construction to the addition to the facility in 2009.

After thinking about the parallels between Katrina and Sandy, I actually contacted Bill Holmes, the Executive Director of the MCCC. Here's what he said about our team, “We owe a lot of thanks to Hufcor for standing behind their product, designing custom solutions that meet both our and FEMA recovery requirements and keeping our wall systems in top condition.” I can only thank both Bill Holmes and Hufcor's Mississippi representative, Scott Goza for forging such a strong relationship and loyalty to Hufcor and our products.

These innovations and Hufcor’s track record have not escaped the attention of businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy last year.  Ron Saraco of Metrofold, a Hufcor distributor in Oceanside, New York (on the south shore of Long Island), says that even though many people are still waiting for insurance money and government assistance, some have already decided to install Hufcor operable partitions.  The applications have included funeral homes, schools, a restaurant, and various office spaces along the south shore of New York.

“I believe more rebuilding and recovery activity is on the horizon once the insurance and government money finally arrives,” says Saraco. “Facilities planning to rebuild should look at implementing these simple product modifications to reduce the risk and cost of replacement in the event a repeat super storm happens. The costs to upgrade to this design are minimal and helps facilities like hotels, convention centers, schools and restaurants to be up and running faster and with less costs.”

For those facilities looking for assistance in designing movable wall systems more resilient to future severe weather events like those Hufcor installed at MCCC, please contact your Hufcor local distributors.

Red Cross disaster relief









The Katrina rebuild process took years as will the Sandy disaster. Some are just starting to recover from the tornados throughout the Midwest and the floods in Colorado. For those looking to assist relief efforts, please visit the RED CROSS.  

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Hufcor® Summit® Vertical Lift Partition Earns Award

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Nov 5, 2013 2:30:00 PM

Hufcor is proud to be honored by Buildings magazine's Product Innovation Awards 2013 for the Summit® vertical lift partition. The Summit earned a MERIT award from the magazine's editors and industry judges in the "Walls & Partitions" category at this year's NEOCON exhibition.


The new Summit automatic vertical retractable wall is one of Hufcor's newest electrically-controlled operable partitions. The patented Summit vertical lift system neatly and efficiently lifts individual Hufcor 640 Series operable panels up for storage above the ceiling. The panels operate automatically and have a host of safety features to ensure safe operation. Other vertical retractable wall systems do not contain free fall safety devices, nor are they consistent with UL325 codes requiring auto reverse safety systems.

Hufcor has installed dozens of systems since the launch of the Summit and we're gaining popularity among building owners and designers. We offer a true alternative to the accordion type vertical folding doors that stack within the ceiling. Watch this animation to see the clear difference between Hufcor Summit and the classic-style folding vertical lift system.

In addition, the Summit has great acoustical properties. The system was tested following ASTM E-90 standards and achieved a 51 STC. I was made aware of some confusion in the marketplace regarding these tests. Let me make this perfectly clear, the reported 51 STC is an ASTM E90 tested complete system and NOT an acoustic panel test as some interpreted. Hufcor, Inc. owns and operates a National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) certified acoustical lab and, as such, our testing follows stringent documented standards. We are one of only nine (9) U.S. companies that privately own a laboratory. Others include 3M, IBM, Owens Corning, General Motors, get the idea. We hang with some of the biggest U.S. companies and our expertise among movable wall firms is simply unmatched. You might say Hufcor is the zenith when it comes to understanding acoustics and operable partitions. We've invested millions over the decades to ensure our laboratory and products/materials tested within our lab follow stringent procedures and reflect actual complete tests. We do not publish test reports that would be "panel construction" or "Panel Assemblies." Our reports are for fully operational systems and the Summit vertical lift is no different.

Summit moveable walls-dry erase boards

The Summit vertical lift panels can be manufactured with our unique steel dry erase boards providing writing surfaces the full length of the opening. These writing surfaces can also be used for projection boards and are magnetic. All of these options add value to the customer.

Hufcor offer dynamic Revit content that allows architects to simply use one download and the Hufcor Summit objects flex to your opening size. Click below to conveniently download these smart BIM Revit families.

New Call-to-Action

Hufcor is pleased to have been reviewed and chosen by Buildings for their annual honor. For more information on the Summit vertical lift partitions, contact your local Hufcor distributor or send us an email at

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One mile of operable partitions at Music City Center

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Sep 25, 2013 9:20:00 AM

Starting Wednesday, September 25, Construction Specifiers International conducts their national conference at the newly built Music City Center in downtown Nashville, Tennessee where Hufcor Inc. and our local authorized distributor, Crawford Doors Sales, has installed more than one mile of operable partitions.

CSI-Music City Center-Hufcor-operable partitions

The largest new convention center to be built in North America since 2009, the Music City Center has three floors of flexible ballrooms and meeting spaces all using more than 1.25 miles of Hufcor tracking systems. The project details were featured in an article within CSI's official publication, The Construction Specifier. Click to download your copy of the article, Music City's Mile Of Operable Partitions.

The article outlines how Hufcor engineered moveable wall systems to meet the special requirements of the facility. The cover photo of the publication shows the grand ballroom where the architect, TVS, designed a curved tracking system through the middle of the ballroom to create a corridor. At the end of the ballroom, you'll see a custom moveable stage door that was designed to electrically operate on specially designed Hufcor Type 11 tracking systems.

Specific panel modifications were implemented to ensure that the panels absorbed building deflections and maintained tight seals to provide the optimal acoustical separation as well. Some of the panels within the facility have special six-inch tall bottom seals that maintain a constant seal pressure with the floor as the building deflects due to use loads and temperature changes.

Music City Center-operable partitions-HufcorAnother interesting fact is that many of the convention center panels are the tallest single piece panels constructed by Hufcor. The single piece panels reduced installation and manufacturing time and saved the facility substantial initial investments. And, since the doors were delivered on specially designed Hufcor delivery vans that allow the panels to ship without wood crating, the onsite waste was reduced and help contribute to lower environmental impact during construction.

Ok, I'm a bit biased, since my name is on the bi-line of the article. But, I recommend that you download a copy to read about the complexity of the project and the design considerations that are critical to review prior to embarking on a movable wall project.

Click "Music City's Mile of Hufcor Operable Partitions," to download the eight page article. For immediate assistance on a local operable partition project, contact your local distributor


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Hufcor introduces folding wall marker boards at CEFPI

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Sep 17, 2013 7:16:00 AM

In another step to provide schools, universities and commercial building users with the most choices in folding wall options, Hufcor Inc. introduces a new dry erase marker board system. The new dry erase markerboards will be introduced at this week's Counsel of Educational Facilities Planners International (CEFPI) conference in Indianapolis. If you're attending the international conference, please visit booth #63 to see first hand how the new marker boards function.

Inset dry erase marker boards-operable partitions-folding doors

With the introduction of the new dry erase systems, Hufcor now offers more marker board options than any other manufacturer. So what's the big deal? Although Hufcor recommends using a protective edge trim, some schools and architects prefer an untrimmed dry erase surface, even though the operable partitions have vertical panel-to-panel seams. In the past, Hufcor provided all of our marker board options with a protective edge trim. But, now, with our new dry erase steel marker boards, we can provide an untrimmed edge on the vertical marker board - both inset or full-height.

The new dry erase markerboards are offered with both a trimmed edge (as shown in the above photo) and with untrimmed edges as shown below. These markerboard systems are constructed of heavy gauge, tension leveled steel to maintain a very flat surface. Of course, the marker boards surfaces are magnetic since constructed of steel. The coated surfaces have a 60% gloss finish and can be used as an effective, alernative projection screen in classrooms needing more projector surfaces to accommodate new interactive classroom designs. The surfaces can be cleaned with standard dry erase cleaners or with mild soaps. In fact, the coatings on the markerboards allow even permanent markers to be carefully dissolved and removed.

The photo below demonstrates a Hufcor 633E, electic operable partition with the new full height dry erase marker boards at McKinney High School, McKinney, Texas designed by SHW Architects

full height dry erase marker surfaces-operable partitions-folding walls-school architecture

Another benefit of the Hufcor electric operable partition design shown in the above photo is the low profile hinges provided. Many times designers specify a full height marker board and later find out that the supplier provides a large butt hinge that interferes with the marker surfaces when writing panel-to-panel. In the above photo, you can see that the standard Hufcor low profile hinge projects only about 1/4" [6mm] off the face of the system and fits snuggly within the panel-to-panel seam.

The dry erase system now is the standard dry erase surfaces available on Hufcor's Summit vertical lift partition. This allows designers the option of providing wall-to-wall writing surfaces with the Summit product as shown below.

vertical lift partition-dry erase-Hufcor Summit

For school architects, commercial design firms and district's looking to efficiently design marker boards into their operable partition projects, Hufcor also offers the most efficient BIM Revit families for our industry-leading 600 Series operable partitions. To learn more about how these Revit families, available in 2012, 2013 and 2014 formats for operable partitions and Summit vertical lift systems, click below.

Hufcor introduces

For immediate assistance, contact your local Hufcor distributor or visit Or, come visit booth #63 at this week's CEFPI conference in Indianapolis and see the new dry erase marker boards for folding walls offered by Hufcor. 

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New Hufcor Movable Doors a Hit at NEOCON.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jul 1, 2013 9:00:00 AM

neocon logoThe new Summit® vertical lift operable partition and Hydraulift bifold door sytems were a real hit at the 2013 NEOCON show in Chicago last week. The Summit vertical lift system offers designers an alternative option when choosing an acoustical movable wall to divide an office meeting or conference space. The Hufcor system automatically stacks individual panels above the ceiling when not deployed in the opening. Designers were impressed that the Summit stacks out of sight and does not simply fold up like an accordion door in the ceiling.

An animation detailing the different vertical folding doors—including the Summit ceiling configuration that designers found aesthetically pleasingis below.


In addition, architects and designers we spoke with were impressed with the Summit safety systems. Summit has a lead-edge contact sensor that reverses the downward movement of the automatic wall if it comes in contact with an object during operation. And, Summit has standard "free fall" load arrestors that will not allow the partition door to deploy in the event of a mechanical failure of the drive system. These are two safety features that are code compliant with all overhead door systems. To see Hufcor's lead-edge system at work, watch the video below of the Summit installed at Time Warner Cable Sports complex in El Segundo, California.


During the NEOCON show, Buildings Magazine presented HUFCOR with the runner-up award for most innovative wall or partition, and will be featuring the Summit in an upcoming issue.

Another product that designers took great interest in was the Hufcor HydrauLift bifold door. Used both externally and internally to create large openings between rooms or to the outdoors, HydrauLift offers designers new options for flexible room configurations. See below for a short video of what designers viewed at NEOCON.

In addition, HUFCOR hosted a post-show party at Howells & Hood at the base of the Tribune building on Michigan Avenue. Howells & Hood restaurant installed three large HydrauLift bifold doors on their outdoor patio (see photo below). Hufcor was very pleased with the feedback we received from designers at NEOCON. 

bifold door howells and hood chicago hufcor

Summit vertical lift doors and the new HydrauLift bifold doors by Hufcor were truly and hit at NEOCON. For more information about Hufcor's new door systems, contact your local Hufcor dealer.

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Hufcor's "Must Sees" at DWELL ON DESIGN show.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jun 22, 2013 10:54:00 AM

Hufcor is currently exhibiting at the 2013 DWELL ON DESIGN trade show and we have a couple of "must sees" at the show. The show runs again today and tomorrow at the Los Angeles Convention Center. After our first day, we were extremely impressed with all of the creative ideas and vibe of the show. We met many new interior designers, architects and homeowners looking to install movable partitions and glass wall systems within their projects.

Hufcor at DWELL ON DESIGNWe are exhibiting our new Monarch by Hufcor movable glass wall and we recommend that you come and visit our booth #1311. Come learn why Monarch folding glass walls and lift & slide doors provide gorgeous, luxury openings. Monarch systems offer fantastic structural integrity and thermal performance. 

Movable glass wall system-Hufcor-Monarch movable glass walls

In speaking with designers, Monarch by Hufcor lift & slide doors are showing great interest by DWELL attendees. The lift & slide doors can be manufactured in very large opening sizes, up to 10' wide as shown in this photo. The large sizes allow homeowners and commerical spaces the ability to open large spaces with the vertical edges found with standard sliding folding glass wall doors. A homeowner can enjoy the views and get great weather resistance and thermal properties from the lift & slide door systems. Build into new homes or retorfit into your current home.

describe the imageIn addition, the Hufcor HydrauLift bifold door system is a hit at DWELL. These very unique vertical lift door systems are perfect for creating an awning onto your patio or deck and opening huge spaces. These doors are perfect for commercial applications, especially for outdoor decks at restaurants and hotels. At right, you can see the Hufcor bifold doors at Howells & Hood on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

What a trade show without learning about new things. We also met a firm called Illumino that manufactures a very cool "lightboard." The Illumino lightboards are made from optical grade cast acrylic with pure white LED edge-lights. You can simply write on the board with standard dry-erase markers. The LED lights illuminate the dry-erase and make them pop off the boards. These boards are super cool! Take a peek at their website. 

Also, we met a company called Wallflower. Wallflower has some extremely creative, self-adhesive, ultra-high definition photographic prints that can be installed onto your walls. Frankly, I can't really describe these decals, but you should look at them to add a very affordable way to add art inot a space in a "big way."  Go to to see all of their standard images. It's worth a peek.

Again, Hufcor invites everyone to see our movable glass wall systems at booth #1311 today and tommorrow in Los Angeles at the DWELL ON DESIGN show.






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Movable Glass Wall Systems featured at DWELL

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jun 19, 2013 8:18:00 AM

dwell logoHUFCOR, the world's most-installed brand of operable partition systems, will be featuring our complete line of movable glass wall systems at this weekend's DWELL on Design show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The new Monarch by Hufcor folding glass walls and lift & slide doors will be the featured products at the show. These new glass doors are fantastic options for opening up large spaces within residential dwellings. Monarch by Hufcor glass wall systems offer a homeowner optimal ways to blend exterior and interior spaces. 

monarch by hufcor lift and slide sliding door

Homeowners should consider opening up these huge doors to the outdoors to let natural airflow and cooling breezes fill their homes. The breathtaking vistas offered by the large glass door systems are stunning. 

HUFCOR offers the systems unglazed for local glazing options. Contractors may also prefer Hufcor's local teams to install and field glaze the products. Clients then have a local service team for continued assistance and routine maintenance if required.

In addition to Hufcor's full breadth of movable glass wall products, DWELL attendees will be shown demonstrations of the HUFCOR HydrauLift bifold doors used on progressive residential and commercial spaces. To get a sneak peek, click here.

Visit Hufcor, Inc. at booth #1311. DWELL is fast becoming one of America's leading design expos. HUFCOR is new to DWELL and I'm looking forward to blogging about some cool items I learn about at the show. If you're not attending and need assistance right away, please contact your Hufcor distributor.

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