Hufcor wins "Best for Operable Walls - USA"

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Oct 31, 2016 9:48:22 AM

The 2016 Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine have been put in place to highlight the amazing work done by the talented designers, artists and visionaries whose talent and innovation have created talking points that will span generations. Hufcor, a global manufacturer dedicated to innovation and flexible space solutions is proud to announce that they have been awarded dual honors for Best for Operable Walls - USA & BUILD Product Innovation Award: FlexTact™.


The safety of police, firefighters and their respective communities depends on the preparation and training prior to meeting with dangerous field situations. Often expensive and time-consuming, training can be burdensome when staff and departments are sent to off-site locations to receive training scenarios. Hufcor’s FlexTact situational training system is an affordable way to design a multi-purpose training center.

“Drawing on the design of Hufcor’s standard products, our Engineering and Sales teams applied minor modifications to meet individualized customer needs”, explains Scott Staedter, FlexTact concept design and ongoing consultant. “Using new vertical bulb seals and pass door latching mechanisms, the system can also encompass our flagship Unispan overhead support system, perfect for retrofitting an existing facility.”

Click to see Hufcor's FlexTact system in action:

Reconfiguring entire room floor plans within 20 – 30 minutes, instructors and teams can set up simulated room floor plans including hotels, residential buildings and school classrooms. Working within one layout, trainees can then reset the building to reflect a different configuration while instructors review an exercise. This flexibility enhances the training experience, with overhead tracks allowing trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and training scenarios. “The FlexTact system helps to create real-life scenarios by simply resetting the panels. This system comes as close to reality as any situational training I have experienced and trained in”, says Training Officer/ PFC Keith Holmes, Ft. Pierce, FL Police Department.

“Hufcor’s FlexTact system also improves our firefighter and rescue training sessions tenfold by allowing quick and easy configurations”, says Ron Privett, Assist Chief, Fort Wayne Fire Department. “Trainees no longer memorize their rescue routes, and every exercise is different.”

More from Hufcor:

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting our public safety heroes and the communities they serve, the innovation, expandability, and versatility of Hufcor’s FlexTact system helps with thoughtful, intelligent training. Safer approaches to public safety ultimately saves time, money, - and most importantly - people’s lives. Connect with Hufcor for our innovative designs and wide range of flexible space solutions for all your needs.


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Summit® vertical stacking partitions reach new zeniths.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Dec 10, 2013 8:30:00 AM

Hufcor®, the world's most installed brand of operable partitions, is pleased to announce that the Summit® vertical stacking partition is now installed at a prestigous banking headquarters in San Francisco, California. The global bank chose to install the new Summit vertical stacking partition system to divide their "smart meeting rooms." The bank's meeting rooms are designed to provide the optimal daylighting, acoustic and HVAC requirements that are pre-programmed to automatically adjust during each day.

Vertical Lift Partition-Summit by Hufcor-Bank of West

The project was designed by Brereton Architects in San Francisco. The contractor was Hathaway Dinwiddie.

Many factors entered into the contractors decision to install the Summit vertical lift system including project complexity, integration with the pre-programmed systems, ease of installation, overall costs, lead time delivery and the auto-reverse lead edge system. From order to installation, Hufcor's northern California distributor, BT Mancini, was able to finish the project in less than 10 weeks for this tenant fitout project located on the 22nd floor. Furthermore, the system integrated well with the LED lighting system installed directly under the stacking area.

The below photo demonstrates how critical the auto-reverse system was to the overall design. The tenant required that when stacked, a full-length table could be installed in the meeting room. So, while extending, if someone had forgotten to remove the table portion underneath the Summit system, they wanted the assurance that the automated partition would automatically reverse and not harm the table. 

Summit by Hufcor-stacked above ceiling-full table

The new Summit vertical stacking partitions stack above the ceiling through a narrow slot. Summit eliminates the need for a large ceiling stack bay required for the traditional vertical accordion folding style of lift systems that expose the partition within the ceiling when stacked.

Vertical lift partition-Summit by Hufcor-ceiling slot

The animation below demonstrates the difference between vertical folding system that was originally specified and Summit by Hufcor, a vertically stacking partition. In this case, a traditional vertically folding system would have had an approximate 54" wide stacking trench in the ceiling instead of the less than 9" ceiling slot and trim channel that is an aesthetic improvement.

The vertically stacked individual panels travel down side guides posts. In this case, Brereton Architects and Hathaway Dinwiddie designed a simple buildout that allows the guides to be recessed and integrated into the complete overall room design. The Summit guide posts create the acoustical barriers and provide for the patented lifting and safety systems, including a load arrestor system. In addition, Summit by Hufcor meets the stringent seismic requirements of the project in San Francisco without any special bracing.

By installing the Summit the designers and contractor were able to install a custom designed ceiling lighting bank to create the low energy lighting required for this aesthetically pleasing, ideas sharing room. This project joins a host a new Summit installations from around the globe. To learn more about featured Summit projects, click below.

New Call-to-Action  

To see more, contact your local Hufcor distributor and learn why the Summit vertical stacking operable partitions are becoming the new zenith within the automated partition industry. 

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A Hufcor Project Serves as Model for Weather-Impacted Areas.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Dec 3, 2013 8:30:00 AM

The reconstruction following Hurricane Katrina may provide guidence for Sandy-impacted and other regions hit by recent devastating storms. Earlier this month, I read an article in Today's Facility Manager, "The Calm Before the Storm," about how facilities can become more resilient and recover more swiftly from the disastrous impacts of severe weather events in the future. The article outlines how teams of experts have created many specific recommendations for critical facilities planning. These are all very important reports and recommendations when managing "critical" facilities defined as hospitals, police and fire stations, data centers, evacuation shelters, and buildings, or portions of buildings that provide essential support to them.

I also contend that "non-critical" businesses should evaluate their own "critical" systems and prepare for resiliency. I was reminded again about how efforts taken by a long-time customer in Biloxi, MS could be used as a model for future planning your own businesses critical systems, especially those that consider operable partitions as business critical - convention centers, hotels and multi-purpose facilities.


Many of our customers have been afftected by the floods and hurricanes of these two regions and as the businesses in New Jersey, New York and others continue to rebuild, I believe they could learn from the post-Katrina rebuilding that Hufcor did with some customers like the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center in Biloxi, MS (shown above days after Katrina.) Hufcor provided a fast, customized solution for the 400,000 sq. ft. facility to rebuild after Katrina flooding that would help eliminate or minimize damage from future storms to the operable partitions installed in the facility. In this case, like all convention centers, the movable walls are "critical" to the facility.

Hufcor designed and installed unique replacement walls at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center (MCCC) in Biloxi after Katrina's storm surge forced about six feet of water throughout the lower level of the nearly half-million square foot facility. All 650+ of the operable partition panels within this section of the building had to be discarded and replaced due to massive water infiltration and the extent the panels sat submerged in flood waters. The panels were flooded up to the 6' level, yet the top portion of the panels were not affected by the storm. So more than two-thirds of the panels were simply tossed into landfills even though they were potentially unphased by the effects of Katrina.

Hufcor operable partitions at Mississippi Coast Convention Center

Hufcor believes some simple planning and product precautions need to be taken against future moisture damage to operable walls, and that such precautions are inexpensive and have been developed already because of Katrina. Much of the reason standard operable partitions need to be replaced after a water penetrating event, such as a flood, is due to the moisture that penetrates into the gypsum and mineral wool acoustical barriers inside the panel. These substrates become a breeding ground for mold and mildew and must be replaced.

Custom designed Operable Partition at Convention Center

To guard against this, Hufcor supplied MCCC a construction that increased the thickness of the steel face skin to maintain the acoustical properties of the wall system and eliminated the acoustical backers that absorb moisture. Other noteworthy features Hufcor applied to MCCC replacement panels and offers advise for facilities along the eastern shore areas affected by super storm Sandy:

1. The thicker steel faces were pre-painted, providing an extra layer of protection against moisture and potential rusting.

2. Bottom seal mechanisms were plated with specialized zinc, and carriers were made with stainless steel, rendering both components water resistant.

3. The panels were factory finished with high performance woven fabrics that have infused antimicrobial elements to fight mold and bacteria. In addition, these finishes are highly abrasion resistent and made with high levels of pre-consumer recyled materials.

4. For panel constructions over 16’ tall in low lying flood or storm surge regions, install a two-piece panel so in the event the facility sustains flooding, the lower portion of the panel can be removed and retrofitted lowering the costs involved with replacing the entire panel.

5. The unique aspect of MCCC’s replacement walls is that the bottom eight feet contains bagged insulation held inside protective bags, sealing the insulation from penetrating moisture. The bagged insulation could potentially be resistent to a smaller flood and "protect" the panels from replacement.

Mississippi Coast Convention Center installed with Hufcor partitions

After Hurricane Katrina had pummeled the Gulf Coast, our distributor and engineering teams swept in to assist with the replacement of 689 flood-damaged wall systems–all the while working within guidelines established by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) concerning mitigation. Hufcor then provided 186 additional state-of-the-art movable walls for its second phase of new construction to the addition to the facility in 2009.

After thinking about the parallels between Katrina and Sandy, I actually contacted Bill Holmes, the Executive Director of the MCCC. Here's what he said about our team, “We owe a lot of thanks to Hufcor for standing behind their product, designing custom solutions that meet both our and FEMA recovery requirements and keeping our wall systems in top condition.” I can only thank both Bill Holmes and Hufcor's Mississippi representative, Scott Goza for forging such a strong relationship and loyalty to Hufcor and our products.

These innovations and Hufcor’s track record have not escaped the attention of businesses impacted by Hurricane Sandy last year.  Ron Saraco of Metrofold, a Hufcor distributor in Oceanside, New York (on the south shore of Long Island), says that even though many people are still waiting for insurance money and government assistance, some have already decided to install Hufcor operable partitions.  The applications have included funeral homes, schools, a restaurant, and various office spaces along the south shore of New York.

“I believe more rebuilding and recovery activity is on the horizon once the insurance and government money finally arrives,” says Saraco. “Facilities planning to rebuild should look at implementing these simple product modifications to reduce the risk and cost of replacement in the event a repeat super storm happens. The costs to upgrade to this design are minimal and helps facilities like hotels, convention centers, schools and restaurants to be up and running faster and with less costs.”

For those facilities looking for assistance in designing movable wall systems more resilient to future severe weather events like those Hufcor installed at MCCC, please contact your Hufcor local distributors.

Red Cross disaster relief









The Katrina rebuild process took years as will the Sandy disaster. Some are just starting to recover from the tornados throughout the Midwest and the floods in Colorado. For those looking to assist relief efforts, please visit the RED CROSS.  

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Acoustical Harmony new sculpted wallcoverings from Hufcor®.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Apr 4, 2013 10:08:00 PM

Hufcor is very excited about a new wallcovering finish choice - Acoustical Harmony. Hufcor Acoustical Harmony is a unique line of sculpted carpets fabricated 100% from recycled plastic bottles. Acoustical Harmony is offered in a handful of patterns and selected color choices and offers an alternative to standard "ribbed" carpets available for decades.

Hufcor acoustical carpet for operable partitions

Acoustical Harmony is the only non-woven wallcovering product made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled pastic bottles. The technology uses 15 pastic bottles to create 1 yard of acoustical wallcovering that can be recycled back into fiber at the end of it's lifecycle. Hufcor has already begun applying the Acoustical Harmony to projects, including The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Proximity Hotel is the nation's first LEED® Platinum hotel. (In addition to the meeting room partitions shown below, Hufcor installed a series of Hufcor movable glasswall systems to divide the lobby spaces into private social areas, helping to achieve LEED daylighting and recycled materials credit.)

Acoustical wallcovering for operable partitions

Acoustical Harmony folding door wallcoverings use patented Fosshield®, a material science and fiber technology that is an FDA cleared protection, incorporating silver and copper ions into the root fiber which naturally attack microbes, delivering extraordinary antimicrobial defense. Certifications include:

  • UL Classified - Fire Rating - Class A/ASTM E-84

  • NFPA 265 Corner Burn for Textile Wallcovering

  • UL Environmental-Certified recycled content

  • LEED - Contributes toward overall project certification (recycled content) 

Acoustical Harmony wallcovering delivers both an important environmental statement and a visually beautiful, sculpted design story. In addition, this fantastic wallcovering has a noise reduction rating up to .25 NRC helping to bring a more tranquil noise level within the meeting rooms using the Hufcor operable partitions. Not only does it gobble up microbes, it eats up sound waves. Beauty and function are all in harmony.

Interested in learning more? Visit "Acoustical Harmony from Hufcor" to see the full line of available patterns and colors.

Hufcor Freshens Up Vinyl & Fabric Finishes 

Hufcor has recently updated our complete line of operable partition and accordion door finishes to meet the changing color trends in commercial spaces. All of the standard selections of vinyls, fabrics and carpets have new colors and patterns to meet the tastes of designers and your clients. Of course, color trends and patterns are critical to creating pleasant decors and are contantly changing. The new Hufcor standard patterns were designed and selected to meet the upcoming trends and styles for the next generation of operable partitions.

Some highlights to the vinyls include:

  • New Revelations Fabric Patterns

  • New Colors

  • New Standard Vinyl Patterns

  • Updated Vinyl Colors 

Some of the main color trends include more blues, oranges and lime colors, trends that Hufcor is seeing within lots of customer-supplied materials recently. To review all of the new digital color cards, please link to "Hufcor Finishes."

If your operable partition or accordion door projects are in need of a facelift or are looking for some new options in standard wall coverings, including the new Acoustical Harmony, contact your local Hufcor distributor today.

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Hufcor® Launches New BIM Revit families for operable partitions

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Feb 28, 2013 2:15:00 PM

Hufcor® is excited to launch our new dynamic Revit® families for the 600 Series operable partitions. Our newly produced families were developed in conjunction with Eppstein Uhen Architects, Inc., Milwaukee, WI and beta tested by a team of architects prior to launch to ensure the families meet the ever-changing needs of the AEC community. The new Hufcor Revit families eliminate the major downsides found with current movable partition BIM objects available in the market today and enhance the way architects can quickly incorporate critical elements of an operable partition within a model.

Hufcor BIM Revit model rendering

Hufcor's new "smarter" BIM Revit families includes:

  • Dynamic, wall-to-wall object placement allowing designers to modify the size of the partition without having to download another family or get "broken" objects.

  • The "smarter" BIM families will automatically calculate and model operable partition storage pocket dimensions with and without pocket doors

  • The Revit families allow "on the fly" application of accessories (pass doors, marker boards, pocket doors, window lites, etc.)

  • The Hufcor BIM file sizes average less than 700kb making them "extremely light," nearly 66% - 75% smaller than current BIM content from other typical op wall suppliers

  • Architects can embed links to Hufcor's online specifications and MasterSpec® subscribers can set up links directly within each Revit family to a corresponding Hufcor 600 Series Product MasterSpec and SpecAgent® file to incorporate a formated specification consistent with your Revit model.

For more details, please watch a video demonstration of how these new Hufcor 600 Series operable partition Revit families are truly the next generation of dynamic Revit content.

Hufcor beta testers were really wonderful in improving functionality that architects really desire. Here's what beta users are saying:

"Wow, I’ve only played around a little so far – but these are really nice.. been waiting for something like this for YEARS" 

"Perhaps the most important feature for me is the ability to adjust panel width/number of panels so we can manipulate the pocket proportion. Nice work!"

If you'd like us to email you the new Hufcor "smarter" BIM Revit families click below.

Hufcor Revit BIM download

Hufcor distributors can assist you as well in designing your operable partitions and receiving the new BIM revit drawings. Certainly, the Hufcor 600 Series partitions are exported throughout the world for major projects requiring very tall panels. Yet, for architects outside the United States, the Hufcor 600 Series product and new Revit families may not be available or applicable for your specific project. To contact the local representative and to find the quality Hufcor products manufactured in your region, please click here.

Building Information Modeling's future depends of higher performing content that doesn't take up massive file sizes. Hufcor's development team spent painstaking time in programming the new Revit families to provide efficient file sizes. Architects that have had previews of the drawings have all raved about how small the files are to work with, even when dealing with large, complicated projects like the one shown below.

Hufcor BIM Revit ballroom rendering

With the new BIM Revit families, the Hufcor, Inc. design team can assist architects developing complicated layouts with many of the traditional accessories items required on a project - pass doors, panic hardware, marker boards, field-applied face finishes, etc.

With all of the built-in functionality, we hope you too share Hufcor's excitement with our new BIM Revit families for the 600 Series operable partitions.

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Monarch by Hufcor® glass walls displayed at IBS 2013.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jan 28, 2013 4:00:00 PM

Hufcor Teams with Monarch Glass Wall Systems of Canada to Bring Elegant Bi-Folding Movable Glass Walls to U.S. Home Building & Commercial Construction Industry. 

Hufcor, Inc. has teamed with Monarch Glass Wall Systems, Canada’s leading source of all-purpose, custom-built movable exterior glass walls. The partnership introduces Monarch™ by Hufcor®, a luxurious line of movable exterior glass wall systems and lift & sliding doors now available for the first time to the mainstream home building and commercial construction industry in the United States.

The Monarch by Hufcor line of products was launched last week at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® in Las Vegas. 

Hufcor at IBS glasswall

Builders and architects were impressed with the overall size and quality of the doors. The above photo demonstrates the Monarch lift & slide doors that can be installed up to 10' tall and 30' wide. IBS attendees were extremely impressed with these easy to move doors and thermal capabilites available with these large glass openings.

“This new partnership between Hufcor and Monarch builds on each company’s strengths,” said Hufcor’s Mark Blanchard, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Hufcor’s network of installing and servicing dealers now has a high-quality exterior movable glass wall system to round out the complete interior glass wall line. Monarch’s introduction in the United States means their wonderful, high-end products are fully supported by an unmatched local service team to ensure architects, builders and homeowners are completely satisfied.”

The Monarch by Hufcor line will be backed by a company with a 110-year history of success. Hufcor, founded in 1901, sets the standard in flexible space solutions from 13 different global manufacturing facilities.

folding glass wall, bifolding glass wall, movable glasswall, Monarch by Hufcor 

"Hufcor is the market leader in movable walls,” said George Mei, President of Monarch.  “Offering our movable glasswall systems combines our two brands' strengths in the U.S. - product excellence and commercial market expertise. We're excited to be partnered with Hufcor."

Monarch thermally insulated folding glass walls and lift & side doors are specifically designed for variable climate conditions throughout North America, ranging from the Arizona desert to the deep freeze of Minnesota. The doors offer larger sizes than standard bifold doors from other suppliers , up to 4' x 10' bifolding panels and 10' x 10' lift & slide doors. Click "10 Reasons Why Monarch by Hufcor" should become your new exterior movable glasswall supplier.

The roster of Monarch by Hufcor glass wall products is intended for high-end residential installations and large, open-spaced commercial applications. Hufcor is the leading brand of movable walls for major hotel chains, convention centers, schools, commercial offices and anywhere else that flexible walls are installed around the world. 

Monarch by Hufcor is backed by nearly 100 local Hufcor distributors who provide upfront design assistance, installation, and preventative maintenance and repair. Unlike other suppliers, Hufcor distributors can bring both a luxury product and fully supported installation services on the lcoal level. Home builders will welcome the professional installation services available from the Hufcor network.

For detailed descriptions of the Monarch by Hufcor products, projects, technical specs, and finishes, as well as contact information, please visit

Hufcor Inc., headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality flexible space management solutions. Hufcor is the premier single source provider of Operable Partitions, Moveable Glasswall Partitions, Vertical Lift Partitions, Accordion Partitions, and Bi-Fold Doors. Hufcor has a reputation for products with exceptional quality and durability. Hufcor partitions are available through local, factory-trained distributors, offering design assistance as well as installation and service. For more information about Hufcor partitions, contact your local distributor. To locate your Hufcor representative, go to

Live and work with distinction. Install Monarch by Hufcor movable bi-folding glass walls today.

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Hufcor 600 Series Movable Walls now rolling in China.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Oct 22, 2012 8:55:00 AM

I just returned from a trip to visit the Hufcor Asia Pacific teams in Hong Kong and Panyu/Guanghzou, China and saw first hand the new Hufcor 600 Series movable walls rolling down the production lines. Hufcor Asia Pacific is in full production of Series 600 products and supplying operable partitions throughout the region.

Hufcor movable walls Hyatt

The Hufcor 600 Series panels have the same precision welded steel frames as the U.S. manufactured 600 Series panels. The Hufcor 600 Series panels are a uniquely positioned product for the Pacific Rim markets. Hufcor is unaware of any Chinese competitor that manufacturers precision welded steel frames utilizing automated welding processes. These frames are extremely rigid and durable for the most heavy traffic areas using operable partitions including hotel ballrooms, schools and convention centers. And, Hufcor Asia Pacific can provide this system on a single frame up to 43 ft. (13m) for use in meeting facilities throughout Asia requiring heavy duty, tall panels.

hufcor 600 series china

Durable steel faces are another benefit of the Hufcor 600 Series panel construction. The above photo demonstrates the steel skins cut to size and ready for assembly of a project for Hilton Hotels. These steel skins provide a durable surface for high traffic use and the density needed to stop sound from traveling through the partition when installed within a hotel meeting room or ballroom. Hufcor's new Panyu facility has installed new steel fabrication equipment to feed two 600 Series production lines with the steel panel faces required to meet the growing demand throughout the region.

Our new Panyu factory and regional operations facilities are nearing final stages of completion. Located within 90 minutes of both Hong Kong and Guanghzou, the new factory is Hufcor's supply chain to the southeast China region for all of our movable wall panels including Series 600, 5000R Series and CT680 panels offering a full range of both performance features and budget requirements. Moreover, the plant has easy access to key ports that provide Hufcor the capability to supply 600 Series to customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Hufcor movable walls at Shanghai

Hufcor is extremely excited about the new facility, but more importantly proud of the dedicated teams at both the Panyu and Hong Kong offices. These teams have decades of operable partition experience and are poised to provide flexible space solutions for any project. Click "Hufcor Asia Pacific movable walls" to see Hufcor operable partition panels, all designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by the dedicated teams from our Hufcor Asia Pacific offices throughout China.

In addition to the new factory, the Hufcor Asia Pacific team has launched a new website. Visit to see some fantastic installations throughout the region for some of the best known hosptiality chains and commercial customers. 

Congratulations to the staffs at our offices in Shanghai, Guanghzou, Bejing, Hong Kong and Panyu for these great accomplishments and expansions. For more information on the Hufcor 600 Series operable partitions and movable walls supplied throughout the world, please visit or Hufcor Movable Walls Around the World.  

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Acoustic glass folding doors. Clear separation for office spaces.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Sep 7, 2012 10:43:00 AM

Today's office environments can clearly benefit from the daylighting, sound separation and aesthetic advantages offered by Hufcor® acoustic glass folding doors. (And believe me, as I write this blog I sit at my desk in Hufcor's corporate offices space built within a second story mezzenaine located directly in the middle of our 300,000 s.f. US manufacturing plant. Nope, I virtually have no access to outdoor light. Yet, obviously architects and designers forgive us as Hufcor folding glass partitions are quickly becoming the industry standard for movable, acoustically rated glass wall systems. I guess that our yearning for more light within our own offices has really inspired the Hufcor engineers and designers!)

folding glass doors-glass partitions

Office environments are in need of folding doors to provide flexible use of spaces. Yet, traditional folding doors are designed to stop both sound and light from entering rooms. By using newly improved acoustically rated glass folding doors, schools and offices create interior spaces that have the flexibility they need and allow natural light to enter deep into office environments.

Daylighting Advantages of Acoustic Glass Movable Walls

Certainly all the research supports that humans learn more effectively in schools and office settings, are more productive and healthier within interior environments with natural lighting. A great review of the facts can be found within the National Renewable Energy Labortory report by L. Edwards and P. Torcelli titled, "A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants." A quick scan of this report will clearly outline the benefits of daylighting on occupants within offices, schools, retailing, health care facilities and industrial buildings. In all of these cases, Hufcor's acoustical glass partitions offer advantages for maintaining flexibility and allowing light to enter into meeting spaces and deeper into the building.

glass movable partitions-daylighting-Hufcor glasswall

LEED® certified buildings need to achieve high levels of direct daylighting often more than 75% of direct access to natural light within the inner spaces within the building. LEED IEQ 8.1 outline these requirements. Acoustical glass partitions from Hufcor can assist in achieving these requirments. Shown above, the glass folding doors create a small meeting room and allow natural light to enter the larger meeting space in the foreground. Both spaces have direct access to the exterior natural light creating more productive work spaces. 

For installations like this one, Hufcor has a magnetically operated inside-the-glass mini blind system to actually block some of the direct sunlight during times when the glare is interfering with a meeting or visual privacy is needed.

Moveable glass walls-glass partitions-Hufcor

Acoustical Advantages of Hufcor Movable Glass Walls

The above photo demonstrates a newly installed Hufcor acoustically-rated movable glass wall at a school. The glass folding door divides a group study hall from a main entrance corridor of the school. The Hufcor acoustic glass wall system is designed to provide an acoustical barrier between the corridor space that is often quite loud and the quiet study hall area. The panels are installed with dual glazed glass with a minimal 3/8" glass thickness in each glass lite. This combination of glass layers provide a 44 STC between the two spaces.

glass folding partition-Hufcor

To learn more about daylighting benefits in schools and office productivity written by MIT professor, Marilyne Andersen, link to "Studies on Daylight" to review technologies working to improve accessing natural light.

Aesthetic Benefits of Moveable Glass Doors

In addition to daylighting and acoustical advantages of glass folding doors, one welcomed feature is the aesthetic nature of glass. Custom patterns, etching, decals and even writing surfaces are all being used with acoustical glass wall systems to provide stunning interior designs. By using etched or frosted translucent glass lites, the panels continue to provide natural light to enter the room, but also provide a level of privacy.

folding glass partition-Hufcor glasswall-McGill

Another benefit of clear glass operable partitions is that you can actually see the interior designs of adjacent rooms as well. Businesses spend great amounts on furnishings and decorative wall accents to create inviting environments then, all too often, close the designs off using traditional operable partitions and folding doors. Acoustical glasswall allow these interiors to continue to provide the aesthetic surroundings intended by a designer and the functionality needed with an operable partition.

glass moveable walls-Hufcor

For more information about acoustically-rated glass folding doors, visit or contact an authorized Hufcor distributor.

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Movable Walls That Spin. Hufcor® SMARTITION™ Rotating Walls.

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Aug 20, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Hufcor has a new movable wall product that'll make your head spin: SMARTITION™ rotating wall systems. The SMARTITION rotating wall is designed to provide schools and commercial offices flexibility similar to operable partitions without the need to stack the wall.

rotating wall-Smartition by Hufcor

Recently at a Council of Education Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Midwest regional meeting, I met with some of the top education facility architects in the world, including representatives from Fanning & Howey, PBK, Perkins+Will, Cunningham Group, DLR Group, HGA, and others. During one-on-one meetings, we discussed the use of traditional operable partitions or movable walls to divide school classrooms. Concensus was that operable walls did provide great benefits when used properly, but, in many cases teachers used the walls as large, bulletin boards. We've all seen this where the walls are plastered with artwork and educational posters. Ultimately, these materials make it almost impossible (and very improbable) that the walls will ever be moved to open up the classroom for group interaction or team teaching. 

The architects' candid input was consistent with what Hufcor was seeing within the schools over the past decade. And, this was the same reason back in 2010 that the Keller ISD in Texas was looking for a large door system that could offer similar acoustical separation and flexibility to open up spaces, but rotated and instead of stacked. So, based on Hufcor's end-user experiences and the Keller ISD request, we designed the SMARTITION rotating wall system.

These large rotating doors, customized up to 9' wide x 12' tall in size, are self-supported by Hufcor's patented Unispan® overhead support system. As such, the SMARTITION can be installed in new and existing walls. The doors are designed to have up to an additional 300 lbs of equipment or work surfaces added to the face, easily supporting electronics, projectors and removable markerboards.

With the rotating SMARTITION door, teachers can still cover the door with teaching aides, yet rotate the door to get the flexibility required. Teachers and school districts maintain the benefits of flexible space that can be integrated with teachers' needs to hang the teaching aides and artwork. At Keller ISD, the school designed a custom removable markerboard system that allows students to remove small markerboards to work in groups or solve a problem within the room, then post and demonstrate the results within the built-in marker board trays. This ingenious design by the Keller district staff improves classroom participation and group interaction.

The SMARTITION rotating doors are pre-installed with conduit for electric and data lines. As such, the doors provide schools and offices a way to share technology from room to room. Imagine mounting a large flat screen high definition television on one side of the SMARTITION facing a conference room. Then, if needed for a group meeting in a lobby or joint office training room, the wall could be rotated and the television shared.

Rotating wall-whiteboards-SMARTITION

The SMARTITION rotating doors can also have low throw projectors and interactive white boards installed. In the photo above, the Hufcor corporate training facility has a SMARTITION installed with a Hitachi StarBoard system. The StarBoard system can turn any standard markerboard or permanent wall into a interactive white board. These two systems mount magnetically to the face of the steel backed markerboard and connect to a CPU and projector. Plug and play, and your marker board becomes completely interactive with online access, interactive teaching software and teaching aides found with all of the most commonly used interactive white boards at a fraction of the cost. 

The SMARTITION can also be installed with markerboard faces. The architects at the CEFPI meeting agreed that using markerboard faces actually provides more flexible work surfaces to teachers and "discourages" the wall from becoming a pin cushion. Furthermore, the sentiment was that because the technology could be shared from room-to-room, that added value to the school districts installing SMARTITION.

The design concept was so successfully beta tested at the Keller ISD, that this past fall, the architects at AST&R in Minneapolis incorporated the SMARTITION system within their submission for the "Classroom of the Future: 2021" contest at CEFPI's national convention. The project was deemed "Best of Show" and incorporated three of Hufcor's new products launched within the past year: SMARTITION, acoustical glass wall with mini blinds and exterior HydrauLift™ bifold doors. Click this link, docs/ZoN; Hufcor Featured Products_low res.doc, to see how AST&R used the Hufcor products within their ZoN classroom.

For more information on the movable walls that spin, download the product flier "SMARTITION Rotating Walls" or visit Hufcor's website at "Smartition will make your head spin!"

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Hufcor® Congratulates Fairmont Makkah for winning top travel honor!

Posted by Hufcor Marketing on Jun 28, 2012 10:22:00 AM

When if comes to serving hospitality designers, Hufcor movable walls and folding doors should be your top choice. Hufcor operable partitions are featured in some of the world's most prestgous hotel ballrooms and convention centers and provide stunning designs and optimal functionality.

Case in point, a recent Hufcor installation in Saudi Arabia. According to the 19th World Travel Awards, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is no longer the Middle East's Leading Hotel after an eight year reign in the top spot. Recently, the Makkah Clock Royal Tower - A Fairmont Hotel in Saudi Arabia was named the Middle East's Leading Hotel during the 2012 awards ceremony.

makkah tower 2

On behalf of our Middle East licensee, Gibca Furniture Industries and our entire global staff, Hufcor, Inc., the world's most installed brand of movable walls and folding doors, sends congratulations and high praise to the design and construction teams at Fairmont Hotel Group for their selection.

The Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Makkah Clock Royal Tower is one of the world's tallest hotels. The hotel stands 577 meters tall, more than 244 meters higher than the next tallest - Rose Rayhaan Rotana in Dubai. The Fairmont Makkah has 858 rooms serviced by 76 elevators. The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia.

Hufcor movable walls-middle east partitions-Gibca-Fairmont

The Makkah Clock Royal Tower is an ideal place for meetings with a luxurious 34,000 s.f. flexible meeting facility. The meeting spaces are divided by Hufcor manual and electric operable partitions. Hufcor's 600 Series five meter tall electric walls and manual 7000 Series partitions are installed in the pre-function areas. The ballroom (shown in the inset photos) has Hufcor 7000 Series partitions manufactured by Gibca with decorative field applied face materials.

Hufcor operable partitions-Gibca movable walls-Fairmont Makkah

The Fairmont Makkah is a classic example of how Hufcor and our global partners can meet both the functionality required for space division and the aesthetic decoration required by hospitality designers. Functionally, the overhead tracking systems are designed to carry the excess loads of the decorative face materials. Both electric and manually-operated partitions were installed to meet the room set up configurations to meet the flexible space needs of the meeting planners and guests.

Furthermore, the facility has a section of retractable seating. When "stacked", the seats are stored behind an operable wall system with the same wall finishes as the other perimeter walls. Again, the Hufcor operable partitions offer hotels optimal flexibility.

From an aesthetic point-of-view, the movable walls have an eleborate design. The Fairmont Makkah's lavish interiors were designed by United Kingdom-based, Areen Design and Richmond International. Richmond International was the lead design team for the extensive conference and banqueting facilities. The operable partitions finishes are a bold mix of wood veneers, marble and perforated panel faces all customized to create nearly a seemless design when extended into the openings. The multi-finishes improves the acoustical properties and sound absorption of the meeting facilities.

operable partition pass door-hufcor-fairmont-gibca

The ornate pass doors act as an aesthetic feature on the job. Custom sized door openings create stunning batwing (side by side) egress doors. The doors do not require floor threasholds, allowing hotel service/banquet staff a clear path for service carts into each flexible meeting space. The non-standard door heights create a monumental presence as guests enter the meeting rooms.

Again, congratulations to the Makkah Clock Royal Tower - A Fairmont Hotel for their prestigious award. Hufcor and Gibca are honored to be your trusted supplier. For more information about hospitality designs using operable partitions, visit "Hufcor Operable Partitions" or in the Middle East, contact "Gibca Furniture Industries". 

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