Hufcor announces new BIM Revit content for Summit Vertical Lift Partitions


Hufcor is pleased to announce that, in addition to our recently-released 600 Series BIM Revit families, we now introduce a Revit family for our patented Summit® vertical lift operable partition. The dynamic Summit Revit family allows architects to flex the model to fit their opening, automatically adjusting the size and quantity of panels within manufacturing limits and without the need to download additional Revit families for varying sizes or options.

Easy-to-use functions for the Summit "smarter" BIM Revit family include:

1. Summit can be displayed in the open position or closed position, 2D or 3D views side-by-side.

2. Variable exposed and recessed wall jambs can be selected by a check box.

3. The display of the ceiling clearance area can be toggled off using a Visibility/Graphic Override.(Please note this clearance area has been reduced 6.5" [165mm] from original introduction of the Summit in 2011.)

4. Hufcor Summit Revit families are designed with manufacturing limits built in. For example, if you enter an opening height greater than the manufacturing limit, the Hufcor intuitive Revit family will limit the actual height of the family without "breaking" increasing your efficiency in using Hufcor's BIM content.

5. The family file size is small, designed to be less than 500K. No more 3Mb - 10Mb files just for a simple operable partition.

6. Moreover, you can set up each family to link to a specific Hufcor Summit specification, in MasterSpec® format, to incorporate a corresponding specification within your BIM model.

Designers and owners now have a clear choice in vertical lifting automated operable partitions. To see the difference between an accordion folding system that stacks in full sight within the ceiling and the Summit individual panel system that stacks cleanly above the ceiling, watch this short animiation.



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