Hufcor Introduces New BIM Revit Families for Operable Partitions

hufcor partition rendering edit 600

Hufcor®, the world's most installed brand of operable partitions, is pleased to announce a new generation of BIM Revit families for operable partitions. The Revit families are dynamic models that allow you to simply click and drag wall-to-wall operable partition objects into your drawings. These Hufcor Revit families will automatically calculate and display storage closet minimum dimensions, specifically based on your partition opening sizes and options chosen, including pocket doors. If you need to make a change to the number of panels or ceiling height, the Hufcor Revit families will automatically adjust within manufacturing limits, without the need to download other separate families.

Hufcor "smarter" BIM Revit families can adjust minimum clearance dimensions to account for accessories like pass doors, panic hardware, field applied finish thicknesses, and a carpet finish, with simple, easy-to-use check boxes. Accessories like single or double pass doors with or without vision lites, marker boards and windows can be added for graphic display in your project. And best of all, the families are designed to be 700K or less. No more 3Mb - 10Mb files just for a simple operable partition. Also, the Hufcor Revit families are designed with manufacturing limits built in. For example, if you choose a paired panel system, yet enter an opening height greater than the manufacturing limit, the Hufcor intuitive Revit family will limit the actual height of the family without "breaking". Finally, Hufcor Revit families use Type Catalogs to allow easy swapping of one partition style with another.

Moreover, you can set up each family to link to a specific Hufcor 600 Series specification, in MasterSpec format, to incorporate a corresponding specification within your BIM model.



To see a demonstration of the clear differences between older op wall BIM objects and the new Hufcor dynamic Revit families, watch this short video.

Interested in downloading the Hufcor dynamic Revit families for our 600 Series operable partitions, including our optional self-supporting overhead structural system, Unispan? Just fill out the form to the right to get the new BIM Revit families from Hufcor.

For architects outside the United States, the Hufcor 600 Series product and new Revit families may not be available or applicable for your specific project. To contact the local representative and quality Hufcor products manufactured in your region, please click here.

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